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Choosing The Right Knoxville Attorney MATTERS.

You’re probably looking at this web site because:

You are looking for a lawyer in the Knoxville Tennessee area, and are seeking information about which attorney to choose.

Whenever you are faced with a legal problem, the decisions can seem overwhelming. What doctor should you go to for medical care? How will you support your family while you are unable to work? How do you deal with the insurance company whose only interest is in offering you little or nothing to settle your claim.

Since before 1957, Rutherford Weinstein Law Group has had a successful record of quality representation for satisfied clients. Our Knoxville attorneys and staff are available to answer your questions, explain the ins and outs of your particular legal matter, and to take as much weight as possible off your shoulders. Knowing that your case is the most important case to you, we emphasize the time and attention we give to each of our clients.

Finding the right Knoxville lawyer for your case can be confusing and frustrating. People are beginning to realize what we have known for years. The insurance industry – we call them “Big Insurance” – is going to do anything and everything, fair or unfair, to reduce or deny your claim for injury compensation.

Most lawyer ads and commercials insult your intelligence by (sort of) promising you money if you have been injured in an accident. That is how the legal profession has gotten a reputation as a bunch of money-grubbing ambulance chasers.

Big Insurance feeds into this cliche with its unlimited money for TV commercials and legislative lobbying. As a result, lawyers have a horrible reputation as greedy sharks who care only about how much money they are going to soak their clients for.

The fact is that most lawyers who represent injured people genuinely care about their clients. They make their living by helping those clients, not by cheating them.

What we do here at Rutherford Weinstein Law Group, as Knoxville attorneys, is provide you with USEFUL information that will help you answer these questions:

“Do I really need a lawyer?”

“What options do I have?”

“What is the best way to find a lawyer who will be right for me?”

“How much money is my accident case worth?”

“How do I know if the settlement offer from the insurance company is fair?”

“What if the person who caused the accident does not have any insurance”

“When should I hire an attorney?”

“What should I tell my insurance adjustor?”

At Rutherford Weinstein Law Group, we pride ourselves on giving you honest and forthright answers to your questions. You can call to schedule a FREE consultation, view our online Personal Injury Library, read FREE downloadable Law Reports, or watch informational videos we post on this web site.

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